Wajima-nuri produces through the following three processes: “making a wooden base,” which makes the shape of the bowl, “painting Japanese lacquer, 漆 urushi” which means painting urushi on the wooden base, and “decorating” which decorates the bowl with gold inlay. There are about 100 processes in total, and the stage of “painting” has 23 processes of them. As opposed to the general way is a division of work, our Wajima-nuri “ICHIMATSU いちまつ” are done all of the painting processes in our workshop. Because of “All procedures are managed by one workshop,” not dividing the painting process, we can produce equally high-quality products.

Ichimatsu HATOH

“HATOH” indicates the rogue wave appearing in the sea. We imagine the rogue wave and sea form in the ocean of Noto during the winter and present on the lacquerware. Putting the gold leaf for the Wajima-nuri’s deep coloring and coating with the high transparency urushi called syuai-urushi 朱合漆. The lacquerware gets a powerful life force and the feeling of living motion by applying the color of gold leaf to its stillness design. The fusion of Japanese traditional techniques known as urushi and gold leaf makes the Wajima-nuri one of a kind.

Wholesale Products ・OME product

How about making original products by using our techniques?
Our products are used in Japanese restaurants around Japan as wholesale products. We produce various kinds of Wajima-nuri according to each store’s originality and individual menu. Please feel free to contact us from here. (form)