The highest quality goods of Ichimatsu


“HATOH” indicates the rogue wave appearing in the sea. We imagine the rogue wave and sea form in the ocean of Noto during the winter and present on the lacquerware. Putting the gold leaf for the Wajima-nuri’s deep coloring and coating with the high transparency urushi called syuai-urushi 朱合漆. The lacquerware gets a powerful life force and the feeling of living motion by applying the color of gold leaf to its stillness design. The fusion of Japanese traditional techniques known as urushi and gold leaf makes the Wajima-nuri one of a kind.

Every time using the Ichimatsu lacquerware, Change its expression

“HATOH” are produced through the process of painting urushi many times, putting the gold leaf, and finishing with coating syuai-urushi which was uniquely dispensed by ourselves Ichimatsu. The lacquerware produced by “All procedures are managed by one workshop” changes their color together with the year used. Also, the color and the unique textures of gold leaf combine to make a mysterious design. We would like you to enjoy the changing flavor by identifying one’s own long life with the changing of the Wajima-nuri’s color.

Entertaining by provided with every luxury for once lifetime encounters

as the highest-grade brand of Ichimatsu’s Wajimanuri. The lacquerware served in the banquet show the different face of guests each time as a once-lifetime encounter. The banquet with talking about various thighs related to the lacquerware would be an amazing time.